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  About Me  

As an experienced professional in several industries and service areas, my career spans three decades and many professions, including industrial plant development, automation processes, construction management, real estate development, real estate management, retail, and hospitality.

With a Master of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Bucharest (Romania) and Norges Tekniske Hoyskole in Trondheim (Norway), as well as certifications in the areas of Project Management, Property Management, Computer Systems Engineering and Service Quality, I was privileged to spend my life in several completely different economic systems.  My professional career started in Communist Romania, where I was born and raised. It is there where I fully understood the fallacies of a corrupt system that had no respect for private initiative and individual freedom. On the contrary, I also experienced the “wild capitalistic” years of transition from Communism to a free market economy—a period that brought confusion and frustration for some people, but also unexpected opportunities for others, including myself.

In Norway (misidentified by many as a “half-socialist” system) is where I spent half of my adult life, where private initiative coexists successfully with a strong, but still limited, government.  I currently live in the United States, which I believe, has been for centuries (and will hopefully remain) the dream country for anyone who places a high value on individual freedom.

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