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What does the Bible really say about money? 

In this first volume of the series God's Money: An  In-depth Examination of the Bible Verses that Mention Gold and Silver, Iustin Rosioara analyzes, each in its context, the verses that contain at least one reference to gold or silver, limiting the study to the five Books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy), plus Joshua and Judges. These books of the Bible cover a timeframe that starts with Genesis (where God’s original purpose is revealed as part of Creation); continues with the fall of man, the Covenant of Abraham (God’s first step for redeeming mankind), the establishment of the nation of Israel (including Israel’s transition from slavery in Egypt to the wilderness, then to acquisition of the Promised Land), and concludes with the period when Israel was ruled by Judges.


Here are some questions this first volume will answer for readers:

  • What is wealth?
  • What are the two factors required to make everything that has economic value grow, allowing mankind to take dominion over the Earth? 
  • Can we generate wealth without impoverishing others?
  • What is the role of the seed in the process of multiplication, and how does this role apply to wealth creation?
  • Is economic growth possible when human labor is absent?
  • What is the relationship between labor and worship?
  • How is God’s three-fold blessing (fruitfulness, redemption, and purity / righteousness) reflected in the areas of money and wealth?
  • What are the traps in trusting or, even worse, worshiping money?
  • Why is the love of money dangerous?
  • Is there a purpose in giving away a share of our personal wealth?
  • When giving to charitable works, why should we give the best of what we have?
  • Why would God be interested in choosing our political and economic leaders?
  • How much wealth should the rulers of the nations accumulate?


This book is not a plea for a return to carrying around coin pouches filled with gold and silver pieces, nor does it advocate doing away with modern technologies for transferring value—like digital accounts, online payments, or distributed ledger and blockchain technologies. This is rather about understanding the principles that not only would have allowed mankind to develop and maintain prosperity throughout history, but would also enable us to do the same today and in the future, regardless of the technology we use for transferring value.

GOD'S MONEY (Hard Cover)

SKU: 9780996162845
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  • Please review the Terms and Conditions

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